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1912 - The Titanic Sinks

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Title: 1912 - The Titanic Sinks

About: On its maiden voyage the doomed ship struck an iceberg and sunk into the depths of the Atlantic, taking more than 1,500 souls to a watery grave.  

When The Titanic set out across the ocean, from Southampton to New York, it was the largest and grandest ever built, and was even claimed as being unsinkable. After four days of uneventful sailing, the lookout bell began to ring frantically, but it was too late to avert the course of the ship, which collided with an iceberg, tearing a 300-foot gash in the hull below the ship’s waterline. By the time the captain assessed the damage, seawater was already gushing into five compartments, and the bow of the ship was pitching alarmingly downward, causing seawater to pour from one bulkhead into the neighboring compartment.


An hour after contact with the iceberg, the first lifeboats were lowered as a disorganized and haphazard evacuation began. In the confusion and chaos during the precious hours before The Titanic was submerged, nearly every lifeboat that was launched was woefully under-filled, some with only a handful of passengers.


The Titanic stayed afloat for nearly three hours, during which acts of craven cowardice and extraordinary bravery unfolded, as hundreds of individual human dramas played out before the ship’s final plunge: men saw off wives and children, families were separated in the confusion and selfless individuals gave up their spots to remain with loved ones or allow a more vulnerable passenger to escape.

The Titanic, nearly perpendicular and with many of her lights still aglow, finally sunk beneath the dark waves of the Atlantic at 2:20 a.m. on April 15. Throughout the morning, the Carpathia, having received the Titanic’s distress call at midnight and steaming at full speed while dodging ice floes all night, rounded up all of the lifeboats. They contained only 705 survivors.

Decade: 1910s

Year: 1912

Region: Atlantic Ocean

Country: UK + USA

Disaster: Man-made

Type: Historical Event

Impact: 6

Artist: Yulia Kozlova


Group: Genesis

Number: 12/100

Price: 0.6 ETH


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