1981 - Solidarnosc Protests

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Title: 1981 - Solidarnosc Protests

About: Polish Solidarnosc was the first independent labor union in a Soviet-bloc country, which transformed into a broad, non-violent, anti-communist social movement. Led by striking dockworkers in Gdansk, the movement grew to 10 million strong, and continued to lobby for reforms and free elections. This infuriated the Kremlin, who declared a state of martial law in Poland, with tanks and troops on the streets, forcing Solidarnosc underground. In the long, dark period leading up to the radical changes of 1989, Solidarnosc continued to organize, agitate and protest in the shadows, but it never wavered from one its key principles - nonviolence. 

Decade: 1980s

Year: 1981

Region: Europe

Country: Poland + USSR

Politics: Revolution
Conflict: Cold War
Society: Economic

Type: Historical Event

Impact: 8

Artist: Jaroslaw Marcinek


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