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1974 - President Nixon Resigns

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Title: 1974 - President Nixon Resigns

About: Following the Watergate scandal and the threat of impeachment, in a televised address to the nation, Richard Nixon became the first person in US history to resign from the presidency.


Nixon's popularity had been decreasing due to his handling of events abroad, especially the Vietnam War, and also protests at home. But it was his involvement in the Watergate Scandal that proved his undoing.


In 1972, five men, including a salaried security coordinator for President Nixon’s reelection committee, were arrested for breaking into and illegally wiretapping the Democratic National Committee headquarters. Subsequent investigations began to uncover widespread evidence of political espionage by the Nixon reelection committee, illegal wiretapping of thousands of citizens by the administration, and contributions to the Republican Party in return for political favors.

Public confidence in the president rapidly waned, and by the end of July 1974 the House Judiciary Committee had adopted three articles of impeachment against President Nixon: obstruction of justice, abuse of presidential powers, and hindrance of the impeachment process.


On July 30, under coercion from the Supreme Court, Nixon finally released the Watergate tapes. On August 5, transcripts of the recordings were released, including a segment in which the president was heard issuing instructions to halt the Watergate investigation. Three days later, Nixon announced his resignation.

His successor, President Ford, later pardoned Nixon for any crimes he may have committed while in office, explaining that he wanted to end the national divisions created by the Watergate scandal.

Decade: 1970s

Year: 1974

Region: North America

Country: USA

Politics: Leadership

Politics: Scandal

Type: Historical Event

Impact: 3

Artist: Stefan Milosavljevic


Group: Genesis

Number: 74/100

Price: 0.3 ETH


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