1989 - Fall of Berlin Wall

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Title: 1989 - Fall of Berlin Wall


About: People gather at the wall that had divided Berlin since 1961 to begin tearing it down after it was announced by the East German Communist Party that citizens could cross the border whenever they pleased.Everyone was in shock, hardly believing the border was open. East Germans tentatively approached the wall and indeed found that the guards were letting people across. Very quickly, the Berlin Wall was inundated with people from both sides. Some began chipping at the Berlin Wall with hammers and chisels. There was an impromptu and massive celebration along the Berlin Wall, with people hugging, kissing, singing, cheering, and crying. The opening of the Berlin Wall triggered a series of events that led to an unexpectedly rapid unification of East and West Germany on October 3, 1990.

Decade: 1980s

Year: 1989

Region: Europe

Country: Germany + USSR

Politics: Revolution
Conflict: Cold War
Society: Culture
Society: Migration
Society: Economic

Type: Historical Event

Impact: 10

Artist: Dmitry Vishnevsky


Date Created: 13/05/2021

Group: Genesis

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