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1982 - Falklands War

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Title: 1982 - Falklands War

About: When Argentinian forces invaded the disputed territory in the South Atlantic, Britain responded by dispatching a naval force to retake the island. After 10 weeks of combat the Argentine occupiers surrendered.

In April 1982, President Galtieri, the head of Argentina's ruling military junta, authorized the invasion of the British Falkland Islands. The operation was designed to draw attention away from human rights and economic issues at home by bolstering national pride and giving teeth to the nation's long-held claim on the islands.


The British regarded the action as an invasion of a territory that had been a Crown colony since 1841, with the Falkland Islanders being predominantly descendants of British settlers who strongly favoured British sovereignty.  


Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ordered the assembly of a naval task force to retake the islands. In mid-April, a large fleet began making it's way south. All told, 127 ships served in the task force including 43 warships, 22 Royal Fleet Auxiliaries, and 62 merchant vessels.

A brief but bloody series of battles took place at sea, in the air, and on the ground, ending with a British victory, 74 days after the initial invasion. 

In Argentina, the defeat led to the removal of General Galtieri. His downfall spelled the end for the military junta that had been ruling the country and paved the way for the restoration of democracy. For Britain, the victory provided a much-needed boost to its national confidence, reaffirmed its international position, and assured victory for the Thatcher Government in the 1983 elections.

Decade: 1980s

Year: 1982

Region: Latin America

Country: UK + Argentina

Conflict: Regional War

Politics: Imperialism

Type: Historical Event

Impact: 5

Artist: Bryan Willian


Group: Genesis

Number: 82/100

Price: 0.5 ETH


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