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1958 - Elvis Joins the Army

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Title: 1958 - Elvis Joins the Army


About: The King of Rock n Roll was drafted and joined the US Army as a regular soldier.


By this time, Elvis Presley was one of the most famous and recognisable icons in the world, but he nonetheless fulfilled his patriotic duty and legal obligation of national service in the Armed Forces. Accompanied by his parents and a group of family and friends (and media), he reported to the Memphis Draft Board, where he enlisted as a private.


He was assigned to the Second Armored Division's 'Hell On Wheels' tank unit, stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. Following his training, he was sent abroad to Germany, where he went on maneuvers and performed all the regular duties as required. He could drive, load, and shoot an M-48 Patton battle tank, but mainly served as jeep driver and scout.


Elvis was well-liked by his fellow soldiers and asked for no special favors. He also declined to be assigned to special services because he felt this would be like 'show business' and not allow him to be a real soldier.


Elvis completed his 18-month stint in Germany, having been promoted to Sergeant, and arrived back in the USA in March 1960, where he continued his musical career.

Decade: 1950s

Year: 1958

Region: North  America

Country: USA

Society: Culture

Conflict: Cold War

Type: Historical Event

Impact: 1

Artist: Stefan Milosavljevic


Group: Genesis

Number: 58/100

Price: 0.1 ETH


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