1953 - East German Uprising

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Title: 1953 - East German Uprising


About: Fed up with living standards and the direction of the communist project in East Germany, more than a million people go on strike and take to the streets. What began as an uprising for better wages quickly turned into a protest for freedom, democracy and unity in Germany. The workers called for greater government transparency, a better quality of life, free elections and reunification. The tense situation escalated further in East Berlin, the epicenter of the unrest. The GDR regime turned to the Soviet Union for help. Soviet tanks rolled into the unarmed crowd of protesters, and brutally suppressed the first real challenge to the communist doctrine in Europe.

Decade: 1950s

Year: 1953

Region: Europe

Country: Germany + USSR

Politics: Revolution
Conflict: Cold War
Society: Economic

Type: Historical Event

Impact: 6

Artist: Yulia Kozlova


Date Created: 11/05/2021

Group: Genesis

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