1935 - Dust Bowl

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Title: 1935 - Dust Bowl


About: The Dust Bowl was caused by several economic and agricultural factors, including federal land policies, changes in regional weather and farm economics. Crops began to fail with the onset of severe droughts, the bare, over-plowed farmlands were exposed, and started to blow away. High winds and choking dust storms swept the southern plains of America, darkening the skies, sometimes for days at a time. From Texas to Nebraska people and livestock were killed and agriculture devastated across the entire region, prompting the mass migration of poverty-stricken farming families. 

Decade: 1930s

Year: 1935

Region: North America

Country: USA

Disaster: Natural
Society: Economic
Society: Migration

Type: Historical Event

Impact: 8

Artist: Vlad Nikulin


Date Created: 17/10/2021

Group: Genesis

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