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1901 - Death of Queen Victoria

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Title: 1901 - Death of Queen Victoria


About: Having ruled the British Empire for 63 years, Queen Victoria passed away, surrounded by her family, aged 81.  Her  death was mourned around the world and signaled the end of the Victorian Era. 


For months, the queen's health had been failing. She had lost her appetite and started looking frail and thin. She would become easily tired and prone to bouts of confusion. In the second week of January, the Queen's doctors found she had suffered from a series of minor strokes, and the end was near. The royal family came to Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight to pay their respects. On January 22 she passed away in her sleep.


On February 1, Queen Victoria's coffin began its journey to London. The streets along the funeral route were crowded with spectators who wanted to get a last glimpse of the queen. As the carriage pulled by eight white horses passed by, everyone remained silent. All that could be heard were the clattering of hooves, the jangling of swords, and the distant boom of gun salutes. 

Queen Victoria's coffin was placed in St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, where it remained in the Albert Memorial Chapel for two days under guard. Her body was then transferred to the Frogmore Mausoleum, which she had built for her beloved husband Albert upon his death. Above the doors Queen Victoria had inscribed, "Vale desideratissime. Farewell most beloved. Here at length I shall rest with thee, with thee in Christ I shall rise again."

Decade: 1900s

Year: 1901

Region: Europe

Country: UK

Politics: Leadership

Society: Culture

Type: Historical Event

Impact: 3

Artist: Bryan Willian


Group: Genesis

Number: 01/100

Price: 0.3 ETH


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