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1911 - Amundsen's Antarctic Expedition

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Title: 1911 - Amundsen's Antarctic Expedition

About: Led by one of the great figures of polar exploration, Roald Amundsen, A Norwegian team are the first team to reach the South Pole, beating their British rivals, led by Robert Scott.

Amundsen had originally planned to be the first man to the North Pole, and he was about to embark in 1909 when he learned that the American Robert Peary had just achieved the feat. Instead, Amundsen completed his preparations and in June 1910 set sail for Antarctica, where the English explorer Robert F. Scott was also headed with the aim of reaching the South Pole.


In early 1911, Amundsen's ship arrived in the Bay of Whales and set up base camp 60 miles closer to the pole than Scott. In October, both explorers set off – Amundsen using sleigh dogs, and Scott employing Siberian motor sledges, Siberian ponies, and dogs. On December 14, 1911, Amundsen’s expedition won the race to the Pole and returned safely to base camp in late January.​

Scott’s expedition was less fortunate. The motor sleds broke down, the ponies had to be shot, and the dog teams were sent back as Scott and four companions continued on foot. On January 18, 1912, they reached the pole only to find a Norwegian flag, signifying that Amundsen had beaten them (by over a month).


Exceptionally bad weather on the return journey caused the death of two members and a storm trapped Scott and the other two survivors in their tent, only 11 miles from their base camp. Scott’s frozen body was recovered later that year.

Decade: 1910s

Year: 1911

Region: Antarctic

Country: Norway + UK

Discovery: Exploration

Type: Historical Event

Impact: 2

Artist: Anton Sidorenko


Group: Genesis

Number: 11/100

Price: 0.2 ETH


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